Universal Slate directly imports a vast array of colors from around the world. We also inspect on site the packing and quarring of much of our slate before it is shipped.

Slate has a warmth, character, is inexpensive, luxurious, timeless, classic, rustic, and traditional. Slate completes every decor, from hardwood to carpet, silk rugs to wicker.

Slate's natural texture makes it non-slip at all times, even when wet. This feature makes it a natural choice for bathrooms, entrance ways, kitchens, and stairs.

A supplied and installed slate floor is comparable in price to other quality floor coverings. A properly installed slate floor will last virtually forever. Your initial investment will be your last, and you will never have to incur any flooring costs again!

Available in a variety of styles and colors, slate offers an infinite number of decorating possiblilities, from corporate to residential.

Experience the beauty of natural slate in your surroundings and enjoy a lifetime of classic luxury.

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